What is AVETMISS? 

Australian Vocational Education and Training Management Information Statistical Standard is the national standard for the collection and analysis of vocational Education and Training throughout Australia. 
The standard on which AVETMISS has been endorsed by the state and commonwealth ministers and has been developed in accordance with the national strategy for VET statistical information. 
AVETMISS reporting
RTOs are required to regularly report certain information to its state or territory training authority. The information that needs reporting is of a wide range including
  • The subjects and courses students are enrolled in
  • Age and gender of students
  • Where the training is taking place 
This information is then used at a national, state and territory level to inform a nationwide picture of the development of the vocational and education sector. The information gathered also is used to inform policy decisions and enable the reporting of what has been achieved with public funds. This information can also be a great help to assist future planning within the vocational and education sector.