Custom Add-ons

Not every business needs the same set of features as the next. This is why at eLearn3 we leave the options up to you. Alongside any of the great packages we offer, we allow you to upgrade your system with standout features that are aimed at improving your business efficiencies. Below are just a few examples of the custom add-ons. 

Online Course Delivery Integration

The eLearn3 RTO solution can be integrated to several LMS providers in the marketplace, cantact us for further information.

SEO Plans

To be seen in today's highly competitive search engine world, you need to be able to define your business needs and promote your services to the major search engines via keywords. Whilst keyword research and selection is the most integral part of achieving great SEO results, you also need to address the three core areas of:

  1. Technology – Drupal 6, Google Site Map, Meta Data, Short URLs, W3C standards
  2. Content – Unique fresh content, regular updates, written to SEO standards
  3. Linking – High ranking industry specific incoming links, well structured internal website linking and tagging

All Member Evolution website have the SEO components implemented and your staff are trained on best practice SEO techniques so you can maintain the site into the future.  Our services can be drawn upon if needed and you can see as an extension of your internal marketing team.

SEM Plans

Google AdWords is one of the most effective online marketing tools for delivering a direct response in targeting qualified prospects and selling courses online.  We will design and quote a solution to suit your budget and business objectives in terms of growth and return on investment. 

The eLearn Approach to AdWords Management:

  • Consultation needs analysis by a business professional
  • 1 to 2 hour consultation with an Online Strategist
  • Extensive keyword research and analysis
  • Extensive understanding of your products and services
  • Extensive care and understanding of your business goals and objectives
  • Ongoing AdWords optimisation and peak performance management

Our proven success in marketing for the RTO industry will allow you to enjoy the significant growth that is possible with AdWords Advertising.

Social Media 

Social Media can deliver good results as it provides a variety of positive experiences for people who interact with you, your brand and specific people associated with the organisation. It can elevate your brand increasing the general awareness of your services.

Google+, LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook icons and links can be added to the website on all pages of just specific pages as required and this will be discussed further during the creative brief process.

Staff Intranet

This add-on allows you to seamlessly integrate a staff intranet system onto your website. The eLearn3 staff intranet system will supply your employees with an online forum where they can access customer information, company documentation, facilitate collaboration, search through the corporate directories, and help aid your customer relationship management system for your customers.

Careers and Job Portal 

eLearn3 has an industry leading Human Resource Recruitment System that can be quickly deployed.  By implementing our Skills Matching solution you can enable your business to attract better candidates, that are more suited or ‘Matched’ to positions you currently have vacant, and in doing so you can map the skills gap/s within your industry segment.  

Who needs what Skills and Who has what Skills = Skills Gap.

Currently Seek ( dominate the job placement market – yet offer a poor solution which generates hundreds of irrelevant applications that later need sifting through to find the quality applicants. This process is extremely inefficient due to their solution not allowing for skills matching and can consume many hours of our most valuable resources.

The eLearn3 jobs system comes equipped with a skill-matching system that allows you to set a minimum standard of skills for each job. Candidates who are highly matched can then be identified and their resume automatically forwarded to the department manager while archiving other applications for future review.

SMS System

eLearn3 has created an automated SMS confirmation system. This system sends out enrolment confirmation messages to all students who successfully enrol and pay for a course on the new site. eLearn3 will integrate this functionality and this will be available for all course enrolments. Additional SMS costs apply and these are to be paid by the client. SMS’s can be pre purchased and the cost is dependant on the pre purchased amount.

eNewsletter System

eLearn3 enables you to create powerful and effective email campaigns that build engagement with students or customers.  Further they encourage interaction which will create additional ‘touch points’ with new and existing customers which is vital to your ongoing brand elevation. 

The use of eNewsletters for this purpose can be a very effective means of delivering specific targeted information. Market research may be required to determine the exact ‘lists’ that need to be built considering subscriber segmentation for industry, job position and locality. Using this data, specific eNewsetters can be sent that contain articles of interest to specific customers or students, enticing them to click and seek further information. Once sent the eNewsletters can be tracked by a variety of triggers including ‘opens’ ‘click throughs’, bounces, and ‘unsubscribes’.  

Google Analytics Integration

A vital part of any website is the ability to track and test the traffic and sources of incoming visitors. To accomplish this eLearn3 integrates Google Analytics with your new website.  This allows you to monitor and measure the effectiveness of your navigation, content, user journeys and Call to Action (CTA) messages. 
Examples of statistics that can be tracked include traffic sources, browser versions, language settings, time of visit, length of time onsite, visitor journeys, and conversion tracking for CTA’s. You will need to supply us with your Google account username to enable the setup of Analytics. If you do not have a Google account we are happy to provide you with direction on how to do this.

Credit Account

A Pay by Account feature is available where you can select specific organisations that can purchase products and services through your website and have this automatically approved and charged to their account.  A monthly statement can be sent to all customers with an outstanding balance. This feature is not standard and must be requested at the time of order for it to be implemented.