Easy to use Content Management System

As part of the website design and build process eLearn3 will integrate the award winning Drupal content management system which will include the following core features: 

  • Content management allowing you to add and edit pages, resources, images, forms and menus
  • WYSIWYG editor with similar look and functionality to MS Word
  • Web Form builder to create your own forms with ease
  • Set publishing timeframes allowing you to create pages that activate/deactivate at a later date
  • Page revision history which allows you to view earlier versions of a page and revert if needed
  • Modules for Articles, News, Events, FAQs, Resources, Press Releases and Testimonials
  • Content managed banner, allowing you to change images, message text and linking at any time
  • Multiple Admin Logins with the ability to define access levels for different staff members
  • Search Engine Friendly technology allowing you to build your online presence effectively
  • Banner manager which enables you to create and edit your own graphical banners (including text, image and links)
  • Unlimited pages so you can create as many pages and courses as you require without additional cost
  • Fully customisable invoices and simple transaction processing
  • Multi format course delivery including Online, Group, Face to Face and Correspondence
  • Printable ‘attendees list’ for courses from booking data
  • Variety of support packages including hosting available tailored to your needs

Course Calendar 

A visual calendar can be added to the site which displays the whole list of upcoming courses, delivery methods, dates and locations and can be filtered by location, course and date as needed. This list provides the high level details for courses and when ‘View Course’ is clicked it takes the user to the course page which contains detailed information on each course which can include (dependent on course delivery method);


  • Course Name or Course Code
  • Course date, time and location including Google map and address details
  • Pricing including any payment plans that may be available
  • Free text area for the course description and any other notes
  • Buy now links to purchase directly from the page
  • PDF and other documents can be attached for download


On-Page Editing

Allows you to edit pages at the touch of a button without having to go to the back end of the website.


The revisions feature of Drupal takes a copy of previous versions of the page that was edited. This allows you to go back to a previous revisions in the event that someone has mistakenly deleted something.