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Small business looking to expand to the web quickly and easily

Small to Medium business looking for an eCommerce enabled solution to offer course purchasing online Any business looking for an eCommerce solution that comes equipped with an SLA, google remarketing, and a staff intranet.
Upfront $3,995AU $4,995AU $6,995AU
Weekly Fee $69AU $99AU $89AU $179AU
Must pay each month in advance
6 months minimum 6 months minimum 6 months minimum
Mobile Responsive Layout Choice of design layouts Choice of design layouts Custom Design
Contact Us Page Included Included Included
Google+ Local (maps)   Yes Yes
Contact Methods Basic Webform Multiple webformsMultiple webforms
T&C, Privacy, Student Policy Links Yes Yes Yes
Student Login to LMS Button Yes Yes Yes
CMS Features      
Content Editor
Allows you to edit and create new content on the website
Yes Yes Yes
Menu Editor
Allows you to edit and create new menus on the website
Yes Yes Yes
Webform Editor   Yes Yes
Standard Webforms Access to your standard webform Ability to edit or create new webforms on the website Ability to edit or create new webforms on the website
Allows you to create blogs and blog writers for your website
 Yes Yes Yes
Photo Gallery
This is a feature that will allow customer to click on thumbnails pictures and allow it to expand to the original size.
  Yes Yes
Email Auto-Responses
This feature will allow your business to set up auto-response emails to enquiries or other business rule specific actions.
On-Page Editing
Allows you to edit pages at the touch of a button without having to go to the back end of the website.
Yes Yes Yes
The revisions feature of Drupal takes a copy of previous versions of the page that was edited. This allows you to go back to a previous revisions in the event that someone has mistakenly deleted something.
Feedback Form
Allows the student to submit a comment or fill in a feedback form
Yes Yes Yes
Custom Graphic Banners
This module allows you to edit and/or create graphical banners that will be predominantly deployed on the homepage of the website.
Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Partner Logo Fader
This feature displays partner logos predominantly on the website and rotates them in and out. This helps to create trust and confidence in the brand and business.
  Yes Yes
Team Profiles
This modules creates sub pages within your website that allows you to put up information on your team and or teachers
  Page listing of all Staff and Team members as well as a quick sentence about them Yes
The testimonials module creates a graphical display of a testimonial and places it on your website in strategic places to reinforce security and confidence in your business.
  Yes Yes
This module allows you to post news articles or updates that are relevant to your business or customers.
  Yes Yes
Social Media Plugin
This feature allows you to have varying levels of integration with social media websites.
Yes Yes Yes
eNewsletter System
This feature allows you to organise and manage your online eNewsletter campaigns.
  Yes Yes
FAQ stands for frequently asked questions. These help students and visitors to the website find information that they require without the need to call or email you
  Yes Yes
Form Forwarding
Allows you to automatically forward forms to the appropriate person depending on how the form was answered
   Yes Yes
Affiliate Manager
A fully featured affiliate system integrated to the website that will enable your affiliates to interact with your website.
Multiple Course Purchaser
This feature allows the purchaser to buy multiple courses for multiple students simultaneously and organising them into the correct courses. 
  Yes Yes
Promotional Tokens
The ability to create and assign promotional tokens for discount offers on courses
  Yes Yes
AVETMISS Data Collection
The system collects all the required AVETMISS information, enabling your business to maintain compliance
Yes Yes Yes
Government Eligibility Form Yes Yes Yes
AQTF Compliance Payment Plans   Yes Yes
Government "Post Course" Survey
This features allows the course provider to supply the mandatory government survey to the student for them to fill out electronically
Yes Yes Yes
Course Categories Yes Yes Yes
Course Profiles Yes Yes Yes
Multi Format Course Delivery
Allows you to setup your product page to display a variety of information regarding how you deliver your courses (whether it is face to face or blended learning etc.)
  Yes Yes
Course Calendar   Yes Yes
Course Search
Gives you the ability to search for courses throughout the website
Yes Yes Yes
File Attachments to Courses
This feature addresses what you can and cannot attach to a course. If you attach a file to a course than upon granting access of the course to the student they will be able to download the files attached.
Yes Yes Yes
Training Locations
Multiple course delivery locations that include the map listing
  Yes Yes
Attendee's List
This feature allows you to create a printable PDF list with all of the attendees of a specific course
  Yes Yes
Group Course Booking     Yes
Allows you to collect, receive, and track payments via your website for your courses
  Yes Yes
Customisable HTML Invoices
Allows you to customise the design and fields of data that you require on the Invoice sent to the client
Free/Demo Course Delivery
Allows you to create demo or free courses.
Instant Access to Courses Course Administrator must manually approve the purchase of a course and send access rights unless the eCommerce option is selected Yes Yes
Aspedia SLA/Warranty
To read more regarding Aspedia SLA warranties please click Here
Google Marketing
Track your website visitors after they have left your website, allows your brand to be presented on other high traffic websites
Staff Intranet
Customised online staff intranet integrated into the website
Careers Page
This is a feature on the website that shows available positions at the business, with the ability to attach and upload a resume and cover letter
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